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Webdesign and Social Media

Interacting with your customers socially is where the internet is going. If you want to stay in front of your clients and track the results, we can help. We can help you expand your market reach.

E-commerce Solutions

Aztech Webservices`  experience in creating both in house shopping carts or in integrating off the shelf solutions from Open Source to Enterprise level shopping carts is unparalleled. We have a solution that is ideal for the private individual all the way up to a multi-national company.


Aztech Webservices now offers a wide range of hosting solutions. There are many options for business users, starting with a cost effective package for an online presence.

Wolverhampton, Black Country & West Midlands Web Design

Aztech Webservices has over 22 years experience in providing quality IT and Internet Solutions to startups, and small to medium sized businesses as well as global corporations working alongside third-party agencies.

All AzTech products and services are based on a firm ideology of providing the client with a trustworthy solution to their requirements. Personalised projects, manageable time-scales and a committed technical team ensure client satisfaction at every stage.

Based in Wolverhampton, UK, we offer an individual, personal approach, we speak plainly with experience and expertise and offer the simplicity and convenience in communication that only having a local designer can offer.

Thorough Service and Personal Care

All our sites are tested on different computer configurations and browsers, including tablets and smartphones to ensure your site can be accessed where needed by your customers. Setting up e-mail accounts and search engine optimisation is all part of the service along with photo galleries if required so please contact us for a free no obligation quote.

Whatever your level of business, whether you be a start-up company, who is looking for their first steps on-line or to a world renown brand who needs fast and effective service without the heavy pricetag associated with London agencies. Aztech is experienced and can tailor our work to suit you and your budget and get you on-line and selling like a professional.

Why Choose Us?

  • Over 20 years of experience, understanding how to start business and get it working
  • We offer the whole package from Web Design & Internet Marketing to real world promotional media. Our skills are diverse enough to make your business pop vividly to life.
  • We work with leading suppliers and technology and deliver effective & dependable solutions to your problem.


Our Services

HTML / CMS / E-Commerce Websites.

Everyone needs a website, everyone needs a presence. From a token page, to a brochure site, to a full scale social experience. Every business needs to be online. We can help.

Website Hosting & Email

Already have a website, but need a hosting solution with a real person rather than a faceless conglomerate? Aztech are dedicated to making sure your site is up and active at all and can answer your queries whenever you need them answering. At the end of a phone line 24/7.

Technical On-site & Phone Support Packages.

So, you run a home office or a small business office and don’t quite need a full time in-house IT support team yet, but still need someone to come around when required and fix your technical itches.? Aztech has been providing on site support in the Midlands area for over a decade and is a very cost effective solution for people who need reliable technical advice in keeping their infrastructure solid and their PCs running hassle free.

Search Engine Registration and Optimisation.

So, you have a site, that’s great. What now? Sites just don’t get seen. There’s million and millions of other sites in a scramble to get to the top of the listings. Aztech can help you peek your head above the parapet and get yourself noticed whatever your budget.

Domain Name Search and Registration

All businesses need a domain name to take themselves online, but names are scarce these days and your first choice is usually been taken by a rival many years ago. With some creative thinking we can make sure you have a domain name that will stand out and be remembered.

E-Mail Marketing Design and Management.

Nothing works better than telling your committed clients that your still here and that you have a new great offer for them. Aztech can help you organise an effective and rewarding email campaign that will add value to your brand.

Monthly Maintenance Contracts either Remote or Onsite

Websites evolve, websites grow, you cant just make a website and think, that’s it! I’m done! The journey is now just beginning. Google responds to a list highly sites that are updated regularly with high quality text and images But making sure you’ve got time to shift your website around, add new things to keep it fresh and sticky for your clients takes time. Aztech offer a montly service where we can move your site forward together.

Poster, Business card or Flyer Design

The web is all well and good. But sometimes you cant beat a flyer pushed into the right hands or a poster in a key place, many marketplaces are still heavily reliant on printed leaflets,posters and flyers in this supposedly on-screen world. Aztech has 2 decades of print based experience in all its forms. Call for details.

CD/DVD Mastering or Duplication

If your a band, DJ or artist and you want to share your artwork safely and personally, then you still might need optical media. Aztech has helped Bands and Djs and artists create large runs of optical media for distribution and the cost isn’t always prohibitive.

Promotional Video, Kiosk or DVD Production

People respond to moving images so much better than static adverts in this YouTube society. A Point of Sale kiosk running an animated advert, or a video clip really draws the eyes and captivates any potential audience. Aztech can help bring your message to life and help you set up a system to show it to the world.

We have used Aztech for 5 years and they have been one of the best things that has happened to our business. Their knowledge and expertly has moved our business on considerably. We can not speak more highly of them.


Owner, Beatlesdays

Paul at Aztech  has been fantastic for us. Having been through hell with our old, bespoke e-commerce website, Paul has helped us get through this very stressful period with his experience and expertise to achieve an upgraded site, while also always being there for us. We could not have asked for a better all round service.

Jamie McLintock

Operations Manager, VIP Heathrow

The guys at Aztech, offer first class service at super reasonable prices. They genuinely care about your project and I consider them to be part of my team. I know I can call on my representative to be at the end of the phone almost 24/7 and has got me out of tight spots time and time again

M. Bygraves

Owner, Reiki Healing

The stages of Web Design



Planning is everything, before we even hit the keyboard, Aztech will guide you through what is actually required to get your site online, obsessive planning and over thinking at this stage will save months of effort further  down the line. We get it right the first time so we dont have to do it a second.


With the correct planning made, from that seed of creation then the tree trunk of the site should grow, tall and strong. A good base is vital for all webstes, allowing a solid start and a platform for continual growth.


This is where all that hard work really pays off, with good planning, the testing phase should be painless, but every permutation of every device and any every operating system and browser needs to be checked and that way you can rid yourself of the niggling problems and safely and securely put your site live with confidence.

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